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firmament and humus.

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a wise woman once said “wish for nothing larger than your small heart/or greater than a star. . .expect nothing . live frugally/ on surprises.”*

i knew that
before we all traveled from our homes to that place on a hill,
she was covered in star dust.
i remember from the way he counted his way through the story,
he was covered in earth.

on the day near the new moon
on the day we all wore pink
and sat on the porch
in the sun and with a big bright smile, she cried about the way
of women
and dark red and
the way the egg circles lunar, in shadows.

later she whirls around in circles round
and round unsteady,
dizzy but sure
that right angles grow and
shrink like rubber bands
like love, like a hammock to cradle them.
like a basket made from branches.

he turns towards the moon.
like the ground chases the light.
as the sky trips towards the earth

she fell for a man in a dark black hat
but he caught her there by the sea.

like the sequoia’s ambition is for up. red woods for the heavens. they found the horizon, ran towards forever, round and round.

they say the oceans waves are pushed and pulled by the magnet of the sky and in its waxing and waning turn.

from candles burnt late at night
under a luminous sky
they were making wax for the mold of this day
so that forever more they would know that in
each other is the place.
where sky meets land and land sky again.

they have taught me instead to live recklessly,
wish for nothing
smaller than your great big
heart/or smaller than a star. . .expect forever
and live lavishly on surprises.”

*alice walker

by erin sharkey